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Are You Wondering Who The Top Property Management Company is in Glendale?

We’re biased of course.

Before you make your choice, watch this video that explains how to avoid 3 common mistakes in choosing the best property management company in the Glendale area.

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SGI Property Management Is Headquartered In Glendale

Our head offices are in Glendale…so we KNOW Glendale, right?

Why don’t you get in touch for a free quote for property management services from a certified property manager that has offices right IN Glendale?



Property Management At Its Best

Saving Grace Investments is a professional full-service real estate brokerage, offering you professional, quality property management services in Glendale

  • We promise you top-flight service, whether you are a buyer or seller
  • We provide you with crucial and unmatched Glendale market knowledge
  • We take a vested partner approach to our relationship with you
  • Every piece of information provided to you is useful and current


Glendale Property Management


Saving Grace Investments was formed to provide property owners, investors accidental landlords and tenants with unique quality property management and real estate investment services second to none.  Today’s Glendale’s real estate market offers a wealth of opportunities for everyone. As Glendale property managers, we become an invaluable partner to help you profit from every aspect of the local real estate market.

It’s a foregone conclusion that your investments will be far more profitable the more accurate your knowledge of the local market and trends becomes. This goes for investors looking for income properties, sellers who want the best price, buyers searching for the right deal, accidental landlords who are struggling to meet expenses and renters who want a quality property to call home for themselves and their families. Using Saving Grace’s expert understanding of the Glendale market, you will have peace of mind knowing we’re working hard to get you the best possible deal.



Locating the right property is important to any seasoned investor.  All seasoned investors also know how vitally important property management is to the success and liquidity of an income property.  At Saving Grace Investments, Glendale, we understand both sides of this important coin because not only do we manage property, we invest in it as well.

We’ll work diligently alongside you to purchase properties that will fit into your present portfolio and also provide you with the finest in management services to keep them profitable.  We offer straight-forward services and own and operate rentals right here in Glendale.   Let us combine our knowledge and experience with yours to create a formula for success.



With the upheaval of the real estate market over the last decade, some property owners have found themselves in a unique and frustrating position.  They have to rent out their property in order to maintain the debt service.  While this can be a difficult time for some people, it doesn’t have to be.

At Saving Grace Investments we can offer you an affordable and stress-relieving solution.  Not only can we find you quality tenants and manage the property, but when the time comes to sell, we can assist you in getting the best possible deal for your Glendale property.



Are you searching for a new rental to call home for your family or yourself?  Saving Grace can help you find the right property to meet your wants and needs.  From Acoma to Windstream and Arrowhead Lakes to Hidden Manor, we will help you get just what you’re looking for in Glendale.

Just because you may have gone through a short sale or a foreclosure doesn’t mean you are doomed to never again own your own home.  At Saving Grace Investments we can offer you a unique tenant incentive program that will get you back on course to that all-important dream of once again becoming a property owner.